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Flintshire, North Wales

Flintshire, North Wales


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Firstly let's address the reason why it's worth using Social Media as a business generation channel: People buy people, I'm sure many advisers can relate to this and what other channel allows you to share your personality better than social media. This is one of the key messages, don't just share messages about the ISA allowance this year being £20,000, share stories about YOU and your business. It's dynamic and changes every day, the best example to...

From FT Adviser Financial adviser Robert Lewis has launched a company called Elevate to help advisers grow their own business through social media. Mr Lewis, director of operations for Flintshire-based Heritage Financial Solutions and managing director of the new company, said advisers often struggled to know how to do their own marketing, online administration, or use social media effectively. The rationale behind Elevate, Mr Lewis said, was to "help financial advisers and small businesses benefit from social media in the...