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Flintshire, North Wales

Flintshire, North Wales


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As featured in FT Adviser I meet so many advisers who are wary about and even afraid of using social media to advertise their services or business. Every Chartered Insurance Institute meeting I attend it's like trying to change water to wine, when it comes to advisers using Twitter or Facebook for Social Media engagement. In my opinion social media works. However, there are some rules to follow if you want to use these platforms for maximum effect. The rules...

Bring People to Your Website Through Social Media Sometimes with all the talk about social media, businesses may briefly forget one of their original goals for initiating a social strategy—namely, bringing customers and prospects to your company website. Cultivate Stories on How Customers Use Your Products and Services You’ve followed the advice on monitoring your social media activity. You see that a customer tweeted about your product or posted a photo on Pinterest. They like you! They really do!...