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Flintshire, North Wales

Flintshire, North Wales

Pay Per Click (PPC)


We offer Social Media PPC management from £99 for any platform that offers PPC. In addition to having an excellent social media strategy, you can target specific users on social media by targeting age, job titles, interests, income, education, marital status and much more. With social media PPC you are essentially interrupting their session by attracting them to perform a myriad of functions.

PPC Management

We'll setup your pay per click (PPC) campaigns from start to finish, with the sole aim of delivering the returns you want.

PPC Remarketing

We'll help your reach customers that showed an interest in your business and keep them engaged with the right remarketing.

Campaign Optimisation

We can provide the advice / guidance to ensure your landing pages and your website is right to receive the PPC traffic.

PPC Audits

We provide monthly audits to make sure things are running smoothly with your campaign, delivering custom reports.

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Why Social Media PPC?

Our professional PPC management program is an amazing way to supplement your organic traffic. Clicks from the Facebook / Twitter PPC network are typically cheaper than on traditional pay per click search platforms like Google and the Microsoft Network (Yahoo & Bing). This makes Social Media Pay Per Click advertising an excellent choice for advertisers on a tighter budget, plus even if they dont visit your website, they my end up as followers and seeing your regular updates.

What’s included in our PPC Management?

Our service is completely end to end, which typically covers:

- Creating your audiences (targeting & interests)
- Ad creation
- Help optimising landing pages (where your traffic goes)
- Conversion tracking
- Banner creation
- Ongoing PPC optimisation
- Bid management & budget management
- Monthly reports
- Fixed fees no percentage charging

CTR - Click Through Rate Targeting

Fixed PPC Costs

ROI - Real Return on Investment

Save time and money

With fixed fees you can be sure no matter your budget ,money is being spent on delivering results, not providing monthly commission to a third party. You can set budgets from as little as £99 and have complete control on your total spends.

By appointing a trusted third party such as Elevate Social, you are also reducing the time and effort it takes to get your adverts right. Where's the solice in doing it yourself to save money, to find you've been doing it all wrong!

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