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Flintshire, North Wales

Flintshire, North Wales

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Analytics Service

Explore audience segments, find new audience interests, and identify opportunities with data at the post and aggregate levels.

As we say 'Data is King'.


Billion Users Online


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Billion FB Pages

Benchmark Peers

Benchmark against competitors. Look at sentiment, share of voice, compare audience segments and more – all with a few key strokes.

Track intent

Understand when, where, and how consumers speak about purchasing your product or category, and track changes over time.

Campaign Impact

Assess whether your latest creative social campaign was a buzz, and review which interest segments the campaign resonated with the most.


Whether you’re creating a social media marketing strategy, designing a campaign, or making a business case for using a particular platform, you need to start in the same place: research.

The basis of any successful social activity is understanding the platforms, who uses them, and how. Our analytics team can delve into a whole myriad of data to explore themes, trends, behaviours and attitudes to make sure your campaign is successful.