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Flintshire, North Wales

Flintshire, North Wales


How to make Social Media Marketing Work

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How to make Social Media Marketing Work

As you’d probably imagine we’re big believers in social media marketing, so we don’t advocate throwing in the towel. But if, despite struggling with social media, you still want to make your social media marketing work for you, you would do well to follow a few rules:

  • Know the limitations of social media. Don’t go into a Facebook or Twitter campaign believing that you’ll be the next viral star. Set realistic goals, such as uncovering insights from your customers, or even a specific ROI. This will give you a much better handle not only on your limitations, but the strategies you’ll need to utilize to achieve each goal.
  • Other stuff. Social media marketing is a great tool, but it’s not the whole toolbox. Entrepreneurs who created businesses before Facebook and Twitter understand that, as should we all. Incorporate social media into your marketing strategy, but don’t make it your only strategy.
  • Define your audience first. It’s easy to reach people on social media. But what about reaching the right people? Knowing your audience is half the battle. So ask yourself: what social media platforms do your ideal customers use? How can you reach them on those platforms?
  • A desire to experiment. “But what if I fail?” Who cares? It’s only an experiment. Don’t let your success—or lack thereof—on social media define your company. View it as an experiment and you’re far more likely to enjoy the process.
  • Make marketing that works on social. If you sell pool filters, it might seem like you’ll never prosper on social media. And, to be honest, your pool filters might not do so well if you promote them on Facebook. However, if you were creative, you’d post pics of beautiful pools around the world, as well as kids jumping off diving boards and babies in floaties. Those posts would better connect with your audience.
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