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Flintshire, North Wales

Flintshire, North Wales


How we help Financial Advisers use Social Media


How we help Financial Advisers use Social Media

Firstly let’s address the reason why it’s worth using Social Media as a business generation channel:

  • People buy people, I’m sure many advisers can relate to this and what other channel allows you to share your personality better than social media. This is one of the key messages, don’t just share messages about the ISA allowance this year being £20,000, share stories about YOU and your business.
  • It’s dynamic and changes every day, the best example to explain this is your website, realistically how many times a month do you update it, must would say we dont. Now let’s compare that to Social Media, if you doing it right then everyday you’ll be making comments and posts, people like that along with the web ranking robots of this world.
  • Its the future, if you don’t believe us it’s probably too late for you, when a third of the planet are on social media in one form or another, we can’t really add anymore. You should also be thinking of the client of the Future and when you hear things such as “a child born today will not drive a car” it’s hard to ignore!

So let’s move onto how we help financial advisers harness the power of the future, helping them position themselves for the generation of leads today and more importantly leads of the future…

  1. Social Profile – before we start you have to have a social media profile, otherwise how are people going to find you. BUT, you can’t use your regular profile with the finest holiday snaps on, you need to create an engaging and relevant professional profile.
  2. Content – probably the most important issue, especially when you have a regulator as tough as the FCA. They’ve wrote several papers on the issue and continue to watch it with a close eye. But to be fair the underlying points are clear and concise, that’s where we add the most weight. We have over 12 years of financial services experience and know the do’s and don’t’s.
  3. Marketing – so you’ve got a hot profile and the content is good, but how do you get this all out there? Great question – that’s where we’ve spent thousands and many sleepless hours to get the right answer. Using a combination of pay per click adverts, boasted posts and highlighted messages we help to create the right blend of marketing campaign to match your objectives.
  4. Review – your only as good as your last performance. It’s so true with any marketing campaign you have to review, analyses and tweak, I suppose it’s similar to a client’s investment portfolio and to us your business is just a like a portfolio. Whatever your budget we review constantly to ensure it’s hitting the brief, it’s key to ensure budget is spent wisely.

Unlike other pay per click avenues such as google ads, social media pay per click can add more value, instead of a blind click to a website you could pickup a new follower or like, this person then essentially becomes a subscriber, receiving your messages on a regular basis and this leads me to the main point of Social Media – REPETITION

No one acts on the first view or first click, people act on a message or story after a series of views, you don’t get this anywhere better than from Social Media.

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